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Formula 01


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This laid-back formula starts with a base of sparking tea from the tulsi plant (also known as holy-basil) and harnesses the power of probiotics, Vitamin C and tryptophan, a mood-lifter that's synthesized into serotonin by the brain.

Don't trip, it's all natural

Our food scientists have been tinkering with the goal of creating the perfect functional beverage to help you chill. Formula 01 has four core ingredients that work together to relax the mind, body & gut while tasting great.

Organic Tulsi is an adaptogen that can reduce levels of cortisol in the body which are responsible for stress and anxiety (no thank you). Tryptophan, an essential amino acid we can only get from our diet, is a vital building block that allows our brain to produce serotonin, little neurotransmitters that, when kept at the right levels, help keep anxiety and depression at bay. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy and in turn your mind. That brain-gut connection thing is very real. And then there’s Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps keep down inflammation in the body and reduces stress. And the taste? It’s holy-basil good!

  • Tryptophan +
  • Tulsi +
  • Probiotics +
  • Vitamin C