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Our Story

Once upon a time in a faraway land called Hawaii, a surfer named Gary Hawes tried out a drink called kombucha (his buddies called it bu). He loved the health benefits, but he didn't dig the vinegary flavor. As a former biochemist (seriously), he began brewing up batches in his garage, trying to find a way to make kombucha taste better. And guess what?

He figured it out.

We make
stuff that actually
tastes good

We created a small-batch brewing process (it's called the Smooth Brew™ method) that balances the acidity levels and produces a tastier, easier-drinking kombucha. No big deal - it just hadn't been done in the thousands of years of people making this stuff. We refuse to settle when it comes to creating a healthy, great-tasting beverage. And we're not settling on just Kombucha either. We're innovating a whole lineup of great-tasting, health focused drinks to help you feel good.

Ready for some Bu?