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It's water, but better.


Probiotics are great for balancing your gut microbiome, which helps keep your immune system going strong. And lucky for you, our Sparking Probiotic Water has over 2 billion high-quality probiotics. We're no math scientists, but that's a lot.


Pro-this, anti-that... it's not what you're thinking. Probiotics and antioxidants are both on the side of good health. Our antioxidant-infused water helps support a high-functioning immune system and contains more than half your recommended daily dose of vitamin C to boot.

Hella Healthy

We already mentioned this stuff supports the immune system right? Well it's also sugar-free, juice-free and non-GMO, making it the perfect light and refreshing anytime beverage. It's water, but healthier. And tastier. And sparkling.

Enough Learning. Gimme some Bu!

Lime 12 Pack Lime 12 Pack
Lime 12 Pack
Regular price $35

Just a touch of lime here

Lime 12 Pack Lime 12 Pack
Grapefruit 12 Pack
Regular price $35

A little hint of grapefruit here

Lime 12 Pack Lime 12 Pack
Mango 12 Pack
Regular price $35

Mango flirts with your taste buds here