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We figured it out. We made a kombucha that actually tastes good.


Probiotics are great for balancing your gut microbiome, which helps keep your immune system going strong. And lucky for you, our Smooth Brewed Kombucha has over 2 billion high-quality probiotics and naturally occurring acids and enzymes to support your gut. We're no math scientists, but that's a lot.


Pro-this, anti-that... it's not what you're thinking. Probiotics and antioxidants are both on the side of good health. Our kombucha is brewed with antioxidant-rich green and black teas, helping support a high-functioning immune system.


Our perfectly balanced scoby and carefully sourced premium teas are brewed using our Smooth Brew™ Method, resulting in a light and refreshing kombucha that tastes great without any added fruit juice, making it a delicious alternative to sugary juices or sodas.

Enough Learning. Gimme some Bu!

Ginger Peach 12 Pack Ginger Peach 12 Pack
Ginger Peach 12 Pack
Regular price $38

Fresh ginger, turmeric and
organic peach tea

Ginger Peach 12 Pack Ginger Peach 12 Pack
Tropical 12 Pack
Regular price $38

Delicious mango, passionfruit
and hibiscus teas

Ginger Peach 12 Pack Ginger Peach 12 Pack
Lavender 12 Pack
Regular price $38

Organic lavender petals
and green tea