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Welcome to The Lab

We are The Bu Lab, a community of food scientists with superpower taste buds. We're exploring the frontiers of functional beverages because we won't settle for ancient methods to create healthy, great-tasting beverages. We're innovating a whole lineup of function-focused drinks to help you feel good.

If you share our passion, we invite you to join our scientific community; participate in our R&D process and be the first to try our new products.

Come tinker with us!

Formula 01 (Chill)

This laid-back formula starts with a base of sparking tea from the tulsi plant (also known as holy-basil) and harnesses the power of probiotics, Vitamin C and tryptophan, a mood-lifter that's synthesized into serotonin by the brain.

Formula 02 (Balance)

This formula helps you find your center. Sparkling tulsi tea is paired with probiotics, Vitamin C and L-theanine, an anti-anxiety, stress-reducing agent that interacts with neurotransmitters, dopamine, and serotonin levels in the brain. Woah.

Got a hypothesis we should test?

Looking for sneak previews on upcoming formulas from The Bu Lab? Feel your inner scientist/brewmaster coming alive?