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Part Art.
Part Science.
All Good.

We make high-functioning functional beverages that actually taste good. Crazy, right? But don't worry, health-nuts — our drinks are still packed with probiotics to make you feel good, without sacrificing taste.

Founded by a
biochemist surfer

What do you got when you cross the brains of a biochemist with the soul of a surfer? Gary Hawes - the intrepid founder of The Bu and Inventor of the Smooth Brew™ method. And yup, that's Gary right there, shredding that wave.

Smooth Brewed
to taste good

We put our one-of-a-kind culture through our no-one-else-does it method to produce a non-vinegary, nuanced flavored Raw Kombucha that is super refreshing and doesn't require loads of sugary fruit juice.

Water, but better

Our roots are in kombucha, but we are always branching out - our Sparkling Probiotic Water has been a labor of love. Oh, and did we mention that over half of your daily dose of Vitamin C is in one can of our water?

The Lab

In The Lab, we’re innovating a whole lineup of function-focused drinks to help you feel good. Visit The Lab to try our limited release formulations and participate in our drink development process by offering feedback and presenting new ideas.

“Wow that's one of the best things I've ever tasted!”

- Kelly K.

“This is seriously the best-tasting kombucha I’ve ever tried. It’s super balanced and real smooth.”

- Nate M.

"It's a refreshing taste that is way better than all that other canned flavored soda water."

- Ryan M.

"I've started drinking one can in the morning in place of my usual lemon water. It's a great way to start the day!"

- Alison P.

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